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Grammar: Quiz V

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Order of time and Order of importance
Sentences: In a paragraph, what kind of order should the sentences have?
A noun with an "ing".
What is a gerund?
A word or group of words that stand next to a noun. It gives more information about the noun.
What is an appositive?
Predicate Nominative Predicate Adjective
What comes after the LINKING verb – a direct object or a Predicate Nominative/Predicate Adjective?
Direct Object
What comes after an ACTION verb – a direct object or a Predicate Nominative/Predicate Adjective?
Indirect Object
What can go along with an Direct Object that cannot stand alone?
To + verb
What is an infinitive?
To the house. Infinitive.
Which one is a preposition phrase and what is the other phrase called? To make the house? To the house?
do, does, did has, have, had is, am, are, was, were, be, being, been may, must, might should, could, would, shall, will, can
What are the 23 Auxilliary (helping) verbs?
choose(s) chose choosing chosen
What is the present, past, present participle, & past participle of: To choose
present past
What verbs never has a helping verb?
shall will
What two auxilliary (helping) verb is used with the future tense.
past participle
The perfect tense uses which verb: present, past, present participle or past participate?
combine "to have" + "past participle" present: have, has past: had future: will have or shall have
How do you form a Perfect Tense? What is the present, past, future tense of "to have"?
Present Perfect: have chosen, has chosen Past Perfect: had chosen Future Perfect: will have chosen or shall have chosen
What is the present perfect, past perfect, and future perfect of "to choose"?
combine "to be + present participle"
How do form a progressive tense?
Present: am, is, are Past: was, were Future: will be or shall be
What is the present, past, and future tense of "To be"?
Present Progressive: am choosing is watching, are watching Past Progressive: was choosing, were choosing Future Progressive: will be choosing or shall be choosing.
What is the present progressive, past progressive, and future progressive of "to choose"?
Transitive Verb: Has a direct object Intransitive Verb: has no direct object
What is a transitive or intransitive verb?
A group of words that does not contain
What is a Phrase?
A group of words that contains both a
What is a Clause?
A clause that can stand alone.
What is an Independent Clause?
A clause that cannot stand alone
What is a Dependent Clause?
A simple sentence consists of one independent
What is a Simple sentence?
A compound sentence is a sentence that consists
What is a Compound sentence?