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Conditionals: Practice

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We use the third conditional...
to talk about imaginary or impossible situations in the past and their consequences.
Third conditional form:
If + past perfect, would/wouldn't have + past participle.
Mixed conditionals are...
a mixture of the second and third conditional.
We can use mixed conditionals to...
describe an imaginary present situation and its past consequence.
We can use mixed conditionals to...
describe an imaginary past situation and its present consequence.
Mixed conditional form can be...
If + past simple, would/wouldn't have + past participle.
Mixed conditional form can be...
If + past perfect, would/wouldn't + infinitive.
If I had studied,...
I would have passed the exam [third].
If I wanted a coffee,...
I would have asked for one [mixed].
I wouldn't be tired now [mixed].
If I had went to bed earlier,_______
If I had had breakfast,...
I wouldn't be hungry now [mixed].
If I liked that group,...
I would have gone to see them in concert [mixed].
I'd drive to university [mixed].
If I had passed my driving test,_______
If I hadn't eaten ten donuts for breakfast,...
I would have fitted into my new jeans [mixed].
I would feel much better now [mixed].
If I hadn't eaten ten cheeseburgers for lunch,_______
stays; will be [should be]
I've hung out the clothes. It's lovely and sunny; if it [stay] like this they [be] dry in two hours
didn't know; wouldn't understand [couldn't understand]
French is essential in this job. All the telephonists speak it. If they [not know] French they [not understand] half the callers
hadn't got; would have come [might have come]; wouldn't have been
How did you do in the car rally? - We came in last actually; but only because we got lost. If we [not get] lost we [come] in somewhere in the middle. We certainly [not be] last.
knew; did you take
I wasn't really surprised that we got lost because I knew that the navigator couldn't map-read. - But if you [know] that why you [take] him as navigator?
were not
This flat would be all right if the people above us [not be] so noisy.
had not been; would not have cheered
A group of spectators, including myself, left the stand just before the end of the game. When we were half way down the stars a goal was scored and there was a great cheer …
had not cheered; would not have run
If the crown [not cheer] we [not run] back up the stars to see what had happened.
had not run; would not have crashed; would not have been
If we [not run] back we [not crash] into the rest of the spectators on their way down, and there [not be]this frightful accident.
returns [should return]
If the pain [return] you'd better take another pill.
don't you sell [not sell] ; had; would sell
If you aren't going to live in the house why you [not sell] it? If I [have] a house I couldn't use I [sell] it at once.
she might not earn very much.
If she only started the job last year,
If I needed money,
he was always ready to lend me some.
If we haven't spent all our money,
we would be able to go on a holiday now.
you should tell us earlier.
If you don't want to be paid by cheque,
I would have finished my essay.
If I hadn't spent all my evening watching TV,
If she's going to invest in that company,
she needs to check they're making a profit.
If she hadn't given us all that extra work,
we would have finished by the end of this week.