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send, will receive
If you [send] _______ this letter now, she [receive] _______ it tomorrow.
do, will improve
If I [do] _______ this test, I [improve] _______ my English.
find, will give
If I [find] _______ your ring, I [give] _______ it back to you.
will go, has
Peggy [go] _______ shopping if she [have] _______ time in the afternoon.
will go, gets
Simon [go] _______ to London next week if he [get] _______ a cheap flight.
doesn´t phone, will leave
If her boyfriend [phone/not] _______ today, she [leave] _______ him.
do not study, won´t pass
If they [study/not] _______ harder, they [pass/not] _______the exam.
rains, won´t have to
If it [rain] _______ tomorrow, I [have to/not] _______ water the plants.
won´t be able, watch
You [be able/not] _______ to sleep if you [watch] _______ this scary film.
can´t move, isn´t
Susan [can/move/not] _______ into the new house if it [be/not] _______ ready on time.
[ go, save, hear, pass, wait ]
[ go, save, hear, pass, wait ]
[ go, save, hear, pass, wait ]
I will be very happy if my nephew _______ [come].
If we _______ [travel] to Prague, we will visit the museums.
doesn´t rains
We will have a barbecue in the garden if it _______ [ not rain].
If I _______ [study], I will pass the Physics exam.
We will walk to the beach if the sun _______ [shine].
If you _______ [travel] South, the days get shorter.
If it rains, the students _______ basketball in the garden.