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Case Names: Singular & Plural

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Nominative Singular
The CITIZEN is reliable.
Genitive Singular
A CITIZEN'S duty is to vote.
Dative Singular
The senator writes a letter to the CITIZEN.
Accusative Singular
The president praised the brave CITIZEN.
Ablative Singular
The mayor ate lunch with the CITIZEN.
Nominative Plural
The CITIZENS listened to the speech.
Genitive Plural
Congress did not respond to the petition of the CITIZENS.
Dative Plural
For CITIZENS, rights and responsibilities are equally important.
Accusative Plural
The constitution protects all CITIZENS.
Ablative Plural
The lawyer worked mainly with poorer CITIZENS.
nominative case
a word in this case is the subject of a Latin sentence
genitive case
this case is used to show possession in a Latin sentence
dative case
this case is used for the indirect object of a Latin sentence
accusative case
this case is used for the direct object of a Latin sentence
ablative case
this case is used after the Latin prepositions: sub, in, dē, sine, prō, ab, cum, ex
vocative case
this case is used to call somebody by name or title
Vocative Plural
CITIZENS, sit down!
Vocative Singular
CITIZEN, cast your vote!