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Plural Nouns: Practice

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two pens
a pen
two apples
an apple
two cups
a cup
two elephants
an elephant
two babies
a baby
two cities
a city
two boys
a boy
two keys
a key
two wives
a wife
two thieves
a thief
two dishes
a dish
two matches
a match
two classes
a class
two boxes
a box
two tomatoes
a tomato
two potatoes
a potato
two zoos
a zoo
two radios
a radio
two dictionaries
a dictionary
two trays
a tray
two children
a child
two feet
a foot
two men
a man
two mice
a mouse
two teeth
a tooth
two women
a woman
two sheep
a sheep
two fish
a fish
two colleges
a college
two sentences
a sentence
two pieces
a piece
two leaves
a leaf
two monkeys
a monkey
two people
a person
two faces
a face
two beliefs
a belief
two months
a month
two quizzes
a quiz
two wishes
a wish
two pages
a page
two students
a student