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Present Simple, Past Simple & Past Continuous

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Peter _______ [do not] usually eat fish
am doing
I _______ [do] my homework now
_______ he _______ [know] how to ski?
hasn't finished
Beth _______ [ not finish] her homework yet
dropped/was getting
She _______ [drop] the passport while she _______ [get] into a boat.
Have/ever traveled
_______ you _______ to London? [travel]
Every day we _______ something new [experience]
Sam _______ never _______ [broke] his leg.
met/was travelling
She _______ [meet] many interesting people while she _______ [travel] in South America.
has been
Katie _______ [be] ill since Monday
had eaten
We _______ [eat] by the time the plane landed
was climbing/fell/broke
Jake _______ [climb] a mountain when he _______ [fall] and _______ [break] his leg.
didn't see/ is___doing
I _______ [ not see] Lily for ages. What _______ she _______ [do] now?
had started
The test _______ [start] before we got to class
had worn
She _______ [wear] her hair in the same styli since she was a teenager
What a relief! The plane _______ [land] safely
had completed
He _______ [complete] his doctorate by 1998
were surfing/found
We _______ [surf] on the Internet when we _______ [find] a great hotel.