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Past Perfect Simple: More Past & Chronological Ord

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I took a shower. I put my clothes on. [SIMPLE PAST]
Before I put my clothes on, I had already taken a shower.
I hung up the phone. You called. [SIMPLE PAST]
I had just hung up the phone when you called! or When you called, I had just hung up the phone.
I had already finished the yellow book before I started the blue book.
I finished the yellow book. Then, I started the blue book. [SIMPLE PAST]
When we ate dessert, we had already eaten dinner.
We ate dinner. Then, we ate dessert. [SIMPLE PAST]
Hitler killed many people. Hitler died in 1945. [PAST SIMPLE]
Before Hitler died in 1945, he had already killed many people.
My father met my mother. They got married. I was born. [PAST SIMPLE]
Before I was born, my father and mother had already gotten married. Before they got married, my father had already met my mother
I graduated from high school. I entered university. [PAST SIMPLE]
Before I entered university, I had already graduated from high school.
Lisa is smart! Before Lisa left her old job, she had already gotten a new job.
Lisa is smart! First, she got a new job. Then, she left her old job. [PAST SIMPLE]