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was, had prepared
I _______ [be] ready for the exam because I_______ [prepare] very well for it.
had met, died
I wish _______ [meet] my grandmother. She _______ [die] before I was born..
called, had finished
By the time Emma _______ [call], I _______ [finish] my work.
had known, would have visited
B: Oh! I didn't know. If I _______ [ know], I _______ [visit] her definetly.
understood, hadn't agreed
Nobody _______ [understand] why I _______ [agree] to complete the project.
told, had seen
I _______ [tell] my sister what I _______ [see].
see, had left
She couldn't _______ [see] the dentist because he _______ [leave] early.
found, had totally forgotten
I _______ [ find] the letter in my bag. I totally _______ [forget] to post it.
had started, sat
The film _______ [start] when we _______ [sit] down.
had taken, got
She _______ [take] the wrong turn,so she _______ [get] lost.