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He is still shopping.
He has been shopping for 4 hours.
He is still wearing the same jeans.
He has worn the same jeans every day for the past year.
He is not playing video games anymore.
Victor played video games for 14 hours without a break.
She is still reading that magazine.
Poala has been reading that magazine for 30 minutes.
She still has that haircut.
She has had the same haircut for the last 6 months.
I remember it now.
I forgot to feed the dog.
We don't have Bugsy anymore.
We had a dog named Bugsy for 11 years.
I am still working.
I have been working the whole day.
Richard drove all night.
He isn't driving anymore.
She doesn't obey them now.
Diana obeyed her parents her entire childhood.
She still lives by herself.
Tina has lived by herself since she was 18 years old.
They are not dancing anymore.
Jean and Andrei danced all night.
She still loves him.
She has always loved him.
They are still partying.
They have been partying all night.
I don't smoke anymore.
I smoked for 15 years.
They still know each-other.
They have known each other for a long time.
He is still looking for his keys.
Hector has looked for his keys all morning
He is still in the US.
Mario has been in the US since 2006.
He is not moving anymore. [He is dead]
Joel moved from city to city his entire life.
She is not writing it now.
Linda has written an email to her cousin.
Kayla has read the Bible.
She is not reading it now.
She is not copying now.
Gina copied her answers from her sister.
He is not running now.
James ran his last marathon in 2010.
She is still getting sick.
Silvia has been getting sick lately.
You've been coming in late.
You are still coming in late.
You are still acting very strange.
You've been acting very strange lately.