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have played
I _______ [play] _______ tennis since I was 5.
have recently started
I _______ [recently/start] _______ jogging.
I _______ [go] _______ to the gym yesterday.
have been waiting
I _______ [wait] _______ for you all morning.
have been fixing
I __ [fix] __ the car_______ that's why I'm covered in oil.
has never seen
She _______ [never/see] _______ the show.
haven't done it
I _______ [not/do] _______ it yet.
have yet to do
I __ [yet/do] __ it.
I _______ [see] _______ Jamie at 3pm.
has it been
How long _______ [be] _______ since we last saw a good DVD?
haven't seen
I _______ [not/see] _______ David for 3 years.
have been reading
I _______ [read] _______ the Bible, but haven't finished yet.
It has been years since I last _______ [eat] _______ lobster.
have phoned
I _______ [phone] _______ you 20 times this morning.