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Past Continuous: Practice

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was studying
[study] I _______ very hard last night
was going
[go] While l _______ home last night. I saw a dreadful accident.
[go] I _______ home last night by bus.
[drive] We _______ to Philadelphia last Sunday.
were driving
were having
[have] We _______ our dinner when you phoned.
[have] We _______our dinner in Child's restaurant last night.
was coming
[come] while I _______ to work this morning, I met an old friend.
[come] I _______to work on the bus this morning.
was blowing
[blow] The wind _______hard when I came to work this morning.
was blowing
[blow] The wind _______ hard this morning.
[rain] It _______ hard last night.
was raining
[rain] It _______ hard when I left the office at five o'clock.
was shining
[shine] The sun _______brightly when I got up this morning.
was shining
[shine] The sun _______ brightly this morning.
was reading
[read] I _______ two books last week.
was sleeping
[sleep] I _______ soundly when the phone rang.
[sleep] I _______soundly last night.
was playing
[play] Mary _______the piano when I arrived.
[play] Mary _______ the piano for their guests.
was taking
[take] While John _______his English lesson, his friend arrived.
[take] John _______ his English lesson yesterday.
got up
[get up] I _______ this morning at six o'clock.
was getting off
[get off] Helen fell just as she _______ the bus.
to come
he was coming
to lose
he was losing
to live
he was living
to ride
he was riding
to shave
he was shaving
to take
he was taking
to write
he was writing
to make
he was making
to have
he was having
to save
he was saving
to choose
he was choosing
to dive
he was diving
to drive
he was driving
to give
he was giving
to hide
he was hiding
to leave
he was leaving
to rise
he was rising
to hate
he was hating
to refer
he was referring
to permit
he was permitting
to prefer
he was preferring
to programme
he was programming
to regret
he was regretting
to lie
he was lying
to die
he was dying
to tie
he was tying
to vie
he was vying
to begin
he was beginning
to forget
he was forgetting
to plan
he was planning
to cut
he was cutting
to put
he was putting
to hit
he was hitting
to swim
he was swimming
to slap
he was slapping
to ski
he was skiing
to run
he was running
to grab
he was grabbing
to get
he was getting
to stop
he was stopping
to stir
he was stirring
to fit
he was fitting
to beg
he was begging
to jog
he was jogging
to shop
he was shopping
to hop
he was hopping
to wrap
he was wrapping
to knit
he was knitting
to rob
he was robbing
to rub
he was rubbing
to drip
he was dripping
to hug
he was hugging
to clap
he was clapping
to say
he was saying
to buy
he was buying
to stay
he was staying
to play
he was playing
to try
he was trying
to fly
he was flying
to marry
he was marrying
to pray
he was praying
to pay
he was paying
to obey
he was obeying
to spray
he was spraying
to reply
he was replying
to relay
he was relaying
to lay
he was laying
to slay
he was slaying
to destroy
he was destroying
to enjoy
he was enjoying
to carry
he was carrying
to cry
he was crying
to dry
he was drying
to hurry
he was hurrying
to worry
he was worrying
to offer
he was offering
to open
he was opening
to remember
he was remembering
to call
he was calling
to enter
he was entering
to explain
he was explaining
to start
he was starting
to jump
he was jumping
to kill
he was killing
to kiss
he was kissing
to pull
he was pulling
to learn
he was learning
to listen
he was listening
to look
he was looking
to punish
he was punishing
to visit
he was visiting
to wait
he was waiting
to walk
he was walking
to watch
he was watching
to catch
he was catching
to see
he was seeing
to cook
he was cooking
to go
he was going
to do
he was doing