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Having a BBQ

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Hou jy van braai?
Do you like to BBQ?
Almal hou van braai.
Everybody likes to BBQ
Kom ons braai.
Come, let's BBQ.
Ek is die braai koning.
I am the BBQ king.
die vleis is rou.
The meat is raw.
die vleis is gaar.
The meat is done.
die mielies is reg.
the corn is ready.
eet 'n lekker mielie.
Eat a delicious (cob of corn)
gooi sout op.
Throw salt on
moenie peper op gooi nie.
Don't throw pepper on.
die vleis brand!
The meat is burning.
die vuur is dood.
The fire is dead.
wanneer eet ons?
When do we eat?
die kos is reg!
The food is ready!
ons kan eet.
We can eat.
braaivleis is lekker!
BBQ meat is delicious!