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تَأَبَّهُ عَنْ كَذَا
He shunned, avoided, or kept himself far from, such a thinghe was disdainful of it, he disdained it, or held himself above it
Greatness, or majesty;a quality inspiring reverence or veneration;goodliness and splendour;and goodliness of aspect:and pride, self-magnification, or haughtiness.
I became a father
أَبُوَّتُنَا أَكْرَمُ الآبَآءِ
Our fathers are the most generous of fathers
أَبُو المَرْأَةِ
The woman's husband
skin for water or milk
he brought together, or united
A way, course, mode, or manner.
It (anything) was, or became, much in quantity, abundant, or numerous: and great, or large
أَثَرَ خُفَّ البَعِيرِ
He made an incision in the foot of the camel [in order to know and trace the footprints]
أَثَرَ الحَدِيثَ
He related, or recited, the tradition, narrative, or story, as received, or heard, from the people; transmitted the narrative, or story, by tradition, from the people
أَثِرَ لِلْأَمْرِ
He applied, or gave, his whole attention to the thing, or affair, having his mind unoccupied by other things
He, or it, had an impression made, or an effect produced, upon him, or it; became impressed, affected, or influenced
scar of a wound, remaining when the latter has healed
remain, or relic