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Collocations of Nouns

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technical description
mô tả kĩ thuật. The report is a ___ of the new equipment needed for our research laboratory.
apology for
lời xin lỗi. Please accept our ___es for the delay, and we hope you have a pleasant flight.
signs of wear
dấu hiệu của sự hao mòn = signs of damage. The hotel facilities were out of date and had started to show___.
contribution to
cống hiến cho. Ms. Milson is very involved with community programs and makes frequent ___ local charities.
accounts payabie department
phòng kế toán. refers to department which takes care of unpaid debts. Reimbursements for travel expenses will be paid out by the accounts payable department.
compliance with + rule/law/ regulation
sự chiều theo, sự làm đúng theo. The company operates in full ___ current export laws.
discussion on
thảo luận về. The public relations officer arranged for a press conference (họp báo) and ___ the company's new medical breakthrough.
office efficiency
hiệu suất làm việc. Providing a comfortable environment will improve ___.
fuel efficiency
khả năng tiết kiệm nhiên liệu
production efficiency
hiệu suất sản xuất
preference for
sở thích, sự ưu tiên. Recent studies showed customers' ___ booking air tickets online.
media coverage
phương tiện thông tin đại chúng, phương tiện truyền thông. implies the reporting of a particular event or piece of news. ___ of the new product launch helped raise the brand's profile.
obligation to
nghĩa vụ, bổn phận. Guests have no ___ pay for their bill until the final day of their stay at the hotel.
attendance records
danh sách(hồ sơ) tham dự(có mặt). Employees' ___ are confirmed each month before paychecks are issued.
mastermind behind
đạo diễn đứng sau 1 event. refers to the person who comes up with all strategies/details/plans for an important event. Mr. Grieves is the ___ the candidate's new campaign strategy.
problem with
vấn đề. The staff is having a ___ their computers operating system
safety precautions
biện pháp an toàn. actions that are done to keep safety. Construction workers were reminded to follow ___s at air times.
safety standards
tiêu chuẩn an toàn
baggage allowance
trọng lượng hành lý quy định. Beginning in January, the carry-on ___ for all international flights will be twelve kilos.
performance appraisal
đánh giá năng suất. indicates a meeting between a worker and their manager in order to discuss how well they are doing in their work. The manager has to carry out monthly ___s.
time constraints
ràng buộc về thời gian. Due to ___s, the staff will continue the discussion tomorrow.
a form of identification
mẫu định dạng. (driving licence, an identity card, or a passport). ___ is necessary to collect the package at the post office.
taxes on
thuế trên sth. The Revenue Department decided not to impose extra ___ rice imports.
system failures
sự hỏng hóc, hư hỏng của hệ thống = system malfunction = breakdowns. Due to repeated ___, the current computer operating system will be changed.
confidence in
tự tin về. have confidence in somebody. I have every ___ Mrs. Foster's ability to manage the project successfully.
commitment to
giao kèo. We have an abiding ___ providing individualized service to customers.
staff(labor) productivity
năng suất của nhân viên. The bestselling book talks about innovative ways to improve ___.
commercial break
thời gian nghỉ để quảng cáo = advertisement
wear and tear
sự hao mòn và hư hỏng