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Act 1, Scene 3

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'We will descend and fold him in our arms.' (Richard)
I will come down and hug you/I condescend you.
'Farewell, my blood, which if today thou shed, Lament we may, but not revenge thee dead.' (Richard)
Goodbye and if you die today I will be sad, but will not seek revenge.
'As confident as is the falcon's flight Against a bird,, do I with Mowbray fight.' (Bolingbroke)
I am as confident of winning against Mowbray as a falcon is against a bird.
'lusty, young and cheerly drawing breath.' (Bolingbroke)
Eager, young and brave.
'Strong as a tower in hope, I cry 'Amen'!' (Bolingbroke)
Biblical ref. I want to be as strong as a tower (and the tower represents God).
'Mine innocence and Saint George to thrive!' (Bolingbroke)
My innocence will win the day as will England itself.
'Withdraw with us,' (Richard)
Come and speak to me.
'For that our kingdom's earth shall not be soiled With that dear blood which it hath fosterd;' (Richard)
The land shall not have blood spilt on it, from a dispute I have created.
'And for our eyes do hate the dire aspect Of civil wounds ploughed up with neighbours' swords,' (Richard)
I hate the idea of the potential of civil war.
'boist'rous untuned drums...harsh-resounding trumpets' dreadful bray...grating shock of wrathful iron arms,' (Richard)
The awful noises of battle.