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King Richard II
The King of England when the play begins.
Henry Bolingbroke Duke of Herford
Richard's cousin and the son of Richard's uncle, John of Gaunt.
John of Gaunt Duke of Lancaster
Richard's uncle and the father of Richard's banished cousin Bolingbroke.
Duke of York
Richard's uncle, and a brother of John of Gaunt and of the late Thomas of Gloucester.
The Duke of Aumerle
He is the son of Edmund, Duke of York, and thus a cousin to both King Richard II and Henry Bolingbroke.
Thomas Mowbray Duke of Norfolk
A nobleman whom Henry Bolingbroke accuses of treason and of complicity in the earlier death of Thomas, Duke of Gloucester.
Bushy, Bagot, and Green
Richard's friends and loyal backers in the court.
Earl of Northumberland, Lord Ross and Lord Willoughby
Noblemen who join Bolingbroke's rebel army early to fight against King Richard.
Duchess of York
The wife of the Duke of York and mother of the Duke of Aumerle.
Duchess of Gloucester
The aged widow of the late Thomas of Gloucester.
Queen Isabel
Richard's wife.
Thomas Percy, Earl of Worcester
He does not appear in the play, but is a powerful figure to whom other characters frequently refer.
Lord Salisbury
A lord loyal to Richard.
Sir Stephen Scroope
A nobleman loyal to Richard.
Abbot of Westminster
A clergyman loyal to Richard.
Sir Piers Exton
A nobleman who assassinates the former King.