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i heru ohtarion
the lord of the warriors
Hísiel túla na mindon heruva ohtarion.
Hísiel is coming to the tower of the lord of the warriors.
Hísiel quéta na i heru Aranwë.
Hísiel is talking to Lord Aranwë.
Elen síla tielyanna, Aranwë.
A star is shining upon your path, Aranwë.
You summoned me.
Ar tielyann, Hísiel.
And upon your path, Hísiel.
Mára cenital.
It is good to see you.
Man méral nyarë?
What do you wish to tell?
Lendemmë na taurë ar tirnemmë.
We went into the forest and watched.
Cennemmë Sinda mi taurë.
We saw a Sinda in the forest.
We talked.
Ma nes meldo Noldoron?
Was he a friend of the Noldor?
Nánes senda.
He was at peace.
Camnemmë nilmë.
We received friendship.
I Sindar mahtaner cotumo sinomë nó túlelmë.
The Sindar fought the enemy here before we came.
Méralmë nilmenta.
We desire their friendship.
Potai raitatamma mára.
Therefore it was good that we smiled.
A mapa yulma limpeva.
Take a cup of wine.
A nyarë ilyë nati.
Tell all things.
Lastean omentiesto.
I am listening about your meeting.