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i osto Noldoiva
the town of the Noldor
Tárë rambar varyear i osto Noldoiva Mithrimessë.
High walls are protecting the town of the Noldor on the Mithrim lakeshore.
Sinomë enda turmeno Noldoiva.
Here is the heart of the realm of the Noldor.
I rambar nar ondoiva.
The walls are of stone.
I altë andor látë.
The tall gates are wide open.
Ohtari Eldaron tírar i andor.
Warriors from among the elves are watching the gates.
I alcar macilion síla calima.
The splendour of their swords is shining brightly.
Hísiel lelyëa terë i ando.
Hísiel is going through the gate.
Coar osto vinyë nar.
The houses of the town are new.
Rimbë coar toava nar.
Many houses are made of wood.
I aldali nar imbi i coar.
Many trees are between the houses.
Mornië túla.
Darkness is coming.
Potai rimbë calmar telpeva fainear.
Therefore many lamps of silver are giving light.
I osto vanya ná.
The town is beautiful.
Hísiel lelyëa na i heru ohtarion.
Hísiel is going to the lord of the warriors.
Mérassë quetë omentiëo mi i taurë.
She wishes to tell of the meeting in the forest.
Túlassë na i mindon tára heruva.
She is coming to the tall tower of the lord.