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nilmë tennoio
friendship forever
Auriel, Nenwë, ar Maglos hostainë harë linyenwe ondoli yar tengwi rénava ardo Noldoiva.
Auriel, Nenwë, and Maglos are gathered near some ancient rocks which are the border-signs of the realm of the Noldor.
anar cála lauca.
the sun is shining warmly.
ar i lúmë cotumo nóressë alenyalima.
and the time in the land of the enemy is beyond recall.
i eldar quétar namárië.
the elves say farewell.
ma encenuvalmë Hísiel?
will we see Hísiel again?
ihíriessë umbarterya.
she has found her fate.
uassë pólë mahta valarauco.
she could not fight against a balrog.
nan lienya enyaluvas.
but my people will remember her.
yëa i Sindar enyaluvar.
the Sindar will also remember her.
man cenuva ilyë eldar ahosta ar aquetë séressë?
who shall see all elves gather and speak in peace?
Hísiel avárie cuilenya.
Hísiel protected my life.
vanda sina ninya termaruva tenn' ambar-metta.
this my oath shall stand until the end of the world
íre Hísiello hya Nenwëo nossë ohtacaruva...
whenever the house of Hísiel or the house of Nenwë go to war...
inyë ar hínanyar ohtacaruvar.
I and my children will go to war as well.
nai nilmë imbë met tennoio!
may friendship be between us forever!
mai equétietyë.
you have spoken well.
I will keep the memory.
namárië, Nenwë meldomma.
farewell, Nenwë, our friend.