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tië na már
the way home
Hísiel ar Nenwë lelyëat na osto Noldoiva Mithrimessë.
Hísiel and Nenwë are going to the fortress of the Noldor at Lake Mithrim.
Ranyëattë terë i taurë.
They wander through the forest.
I aldar linyenwë ar tárë.
The trees are old and large.
Ringa nu nornor.
It is cold beneath the oaks.
Aiweli vanyë vílar imbi i aldar.
Some beautiful birds are flying between the trees.
Anar síla calima, nan andúnë ar hísië túlar.
The sun is shining brightly, but evening and mist are coming.
I tië anda ná, ar Hísiel maita.
The way is long, and Hísiel is hungry.
Nan tíras i taurë.
Nevertheless, she is watching the forest.
Orcor ranyëar terë i nórë.
Orcs wander through the land.
Hendu Hísiello cénat maica na ilya lómin.
Hísiel's eyes are looking sharply to every shadow.
Hísiel ar Nenwë quétat rimbavë.
Hísiel and Nenwë are talking much.
Na i metta túlat na i osto.
At the end they come to the fortified town.
Anar nútëa.
The sun is setting.