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i tië mandollo
the way from the prison
i eldar neldë hehtar Hísiel mandossë.
the three elves leave Hísiel in the prison.
ar i eldar lintë nallelyar.
and the elves go back swiftly.
únótimë lúmi hlarintë ómar orcoron.
uncounted times they hear the voices of the orcs.
nan ilya vinya auressë ellelyantë ar uantë nancenë.
but each new day they proceed again and do not look back.
ar marintë aqua furini.
and they remain completely hidden.
tírë cotumóron ya tyarna mahtalenen fifírui Hísiello selmanen.
the watchfulness of the enemies that was caused by the battle fades slowly due to Hísiel's plan.
mettassë tulintë vilyanna ar nantë lérë.
at the end they come back to the sky and are free.
autantë úcénimë raucollon.
they leave unseen horrors behind.
ar mínantë márentanna.
and they only desire to go home.
nattírala vélantë i nárë ar mornië hostar i mindossë.
looking back they see fire and darkness gather at the tower.
nu hísiévëa vilya morna tellelyantë i cotumno nórë.
beneath a misty dark sky they cross the land of the enemy.
at Nenwëo nolwë tieva tana neldë auressë axa terë i oronti.
and on the third day Nenwë's knowledge of the paths shows them a small pass through the mountains.
Auriel ná ú tuo.
Auriel is without strength.
ar Maglos colë selleryallë or anorontë tier ondoarwë.
and Maglos carries his little sister over the steepest of the stony paths.
mettassë tulintë i orontillon nandenna aldarwa harë i arda Noldoiva.
at the end they come from the mountains to a tree-woven valley near the realm of the Noldor.