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hísiello verië
Hísiel's courage
intyanya ná i sí hanyan i cotumo sanwë.
my guess is that I now understand the thought of the enemy.
símanyassë amápies Auriel Noldoiva ardallo.
I imagine he has taken Auriel from the realm of the Noldor.
lá cennë i orcor.
the orcs have not been seen.
man aiquen hanya i cé Noldor tan carner?
what if anyone believes that the Noldor could have done that?
i Sindar istar i cotumo.
the Sindar know the enemy.
uar cé ohtacaruva Noldoin.
they would not make war against the Noldor.
lá na le tanca.
do not be sure.
uammë harya rimba estel Noldoin.
we don't have much trust in the Noldor.
mauya Aurielen auta nuhtien cotumo sanwë.
It is necessary that Auriel leaves to prevent the plan of the enemy from completion.
silumë ualmë hilyainë.
in this hour, we are not yet followed.
morna ná.
it is dark.
ai inyë mára i mandossë...
if I stay in the cell...
ellë cé poluvar auta.
you may be able to escape.
i orcor cenuvar elda sinomë.
the orcs will see an elf here.
ar i orcor úvar tirë lyë.
and the orcs will not watch for you.
ai lá hirintë lyë...
if they do not find you...
hilyala auressë mahtuvanyë lerienyan.
I will fight for my freedom on the following day.
firuvatyë sinomë.
you will die here.
sin áva carë.
don't do this.
etelehtuvalmë se nan lá he.
we can save her, but not her.
I will do it.
á lelya!
go now!
nai i Valar tyë tiruvar.
may the Valar watch you.
na encenuvalmë.
and may we all see each other again.