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i síre hrótassë pella
beyond the river in the cavern
i eldar túlar rimbë sambinnar mandoiva.
the elves come to many prison cells.
i vista nítë ar lauca ná.
the air is humid and warm.
mettassë hírantë pahta ando tírala orconen.
finally they find a closed door watched by an orc.
pilin Nenwëo máca i orco.
an arrow of Nenwë slays the orc.
ar i eldar lelyear mir sambë.
and the elves go into the cell.
túvantë Auriel.
they find Auriel.
my sister
manen ihírielden?
how did you find me?
uan haryanë estel.
i had no hope left.
á tulë lintavë!
come quickly!
mauya men auta sina men.
we have to leave this place.
uanyë polë auta.
i cannot leave.
óra emmen auta allintavë.
but we have to leave very quickly.
ma rucilyë i uammë ista i tië?
do you fear that we don't know the way?
lá, nan aiquen hirë sina sambë lusta...
no, but if anyone finds this cell empty...
ilyë orcor tiruvar men.
all orcs will look for us.
ualmë rehta.
we cannot flee.
uan lerta auta an ilyë firuvaldë.
i cannot leave, for you will all die.
man caruvalmë?
what shall we do?