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nolwë nenwëo
Nenwë's secret lore
i eldar túlar yanwenna or sírë tumna undupalúrë.
the elves are coming to a bridge over a river deep below the surface.
rilma Nenwëo ua faryëa calinatan sina hróta.
Nenwë's glittering light does not suffice to light this cavern.
vaháya menello pólantë hlarë ómar cotumo mólion.
from a distant place they can hear voices of the enemy's servants.
uan ista ma intya mára lelyata sina tië.
I don't know whether it is a good idea to go this way.
i nalmë sinomë alta alma.
that we are here is great fortune.
haryavalmë estel.
we shall have hope.
orcor túlar tellello!
orcs are coming from behind!
i eldar lelyear yanwenna.
the elves run towards the bridge.
sí imbë atta hormar cotumóron nar.
now they are between two hordes of enemies.
Hísiel ortëa macilerya.
Hísiel raises her sword.
orcor ar úmeantë atani túlar tielto.
orcs and humans seduced to evil are coming from both paths.
erë lamya erenen.
steel rings on steel.
Nenwë ataquéta quettali.
again Nenwë is speaking some words.
ar i hróta calinanta.
and the cavern is lightened.
morna nén falastëa yanwenna.
dark water is foaming over the bridge.
ar morna nén mápëa rimbë cotumor.
and dark water carries away many enemies.
Nenwëo yalie falmaiva tyára i túrë eldain.
Nenwë's summoning of the waves brings victory for the elves.
maitë sina nolwetya ná?
what kind is this secret lore of yours?
sin ná Valimáro cálë nólë néno.
this is the light of Valinor and some knowledge of water.
i orcor tuúlier tana tiello.
the orcs have come from this way.
sanwenya i mauya elmen menë tana tienna.
my guess is that we have to go into that corridor.