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nu cemen
below the ground
i mindo tópa palwë vilyanna.
the roof of the tower opens wide to the sky.
mitya men ná cumna.
its interior is empty.
it is cold.
tië penda tulya tumnë sambinnar móressë.
a down-sloping way leads towards deep chambers in darkness.
rimbë orcoron tali yeryaner sina tië andë yéninen.
the feet of many orcs have worn this path during many years.
uan póla cenë nat i huinessë.
I can't see a thing in the darkness.
mauya elmen tinta calmar.
we have to light lamps.
ua mauya.
we don't have to.
nan órea nin lá turë nolwë sina sinomë.
but I don't really want to apply this secret knowledge here.
Nenwë ortëa máryat ar quéta quettali.
Nenwë raises both his hands and speaks some words.
rilma mirilya imbi lepseryar.
a glittering light is shimmering between his fingers.
i tië ascénima ná ar i eldar lelyear tumnë sambinnar.
the way becomes easy to see and the elves go towards the deep chambers.
huinessë hlárantë nén nurrula.
in the gloom they hear murmuring water.
túvantë pityë andor ar vinyë tier pendeo mettassë.
they find small doors and new corridors at the end of the slope.
sin ná tumna osto.
this is a deep town.
manen hiruvalmë Auriel?
how shall we find Auriel here?
lá ihírien tienya yéni yá hrótassë.
I lost my way in an underground dwelling year ago.
ar tan farnë.
and that was enough.
epë senden, súlë tengë tienya.
only after I rested, a breath of wind indicated my way.
lelyuvalmë nenna ar tanomë hostuvalme sanwelmar.
we will go to the water and gather our thoughts there.