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i mindo
the watchtower
i eldar neldë lelyar aurion canta harë i oronti.
the three elves wander four days close to the mountains.
sinomë i nórë ringa ná, úna, ar unduhuinéva.
here the land is cold, lonely, and beneath a shadow.
lá ëa cilya terë i oronti.
there is no pass through the mountains.
eressëa únótimë ondor cenintë aurenen.
alone uncounted rocks they see in daylight.
ar lómissë hlarintë lammar orcohtarion.
and at night they hear the sounds of orc warriors.
uantë hirë nén.
they do not find water.
nan ilya vinya auressë ellelyantë ar uantë nancenë.
but each new day they proceed again and do not look back.
lá lamni ar lá olvar tuvintë tanomë.
no animals and no plants they find here.
epetai mettassë auhortantë nateli lintavë lelien.
consequently, at the end they throw away some things to travel swiftly.
tellelyantë tenna toltëa auressë tulintë i tarmanta.
they go through until on the eighth day they come to the two pillars.
ar ruvintë i mindo oronto pendessë.
and they find the watchtower at the slope of a mountain.
muinavë, lelyeantë i mindonna tirien.
hidden, they go to the tower to observe.
i hestanë ondor rambaron tinir hísiénen.
the withered stones of the walls glint in the mist.
ve ondonelet orta i mindo.
like a tooth of stone the tower rises.
apa sinta lúmë cénantë orcor atta ettulë mindo andollo.
after a short time they see two orcs coming out of the tower gate.
andunessë, i eldar analelyeantë mindo túcinë macilinen.
at sunset, the elves approach the tower with drawn swords.