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Quenta Ninquelótëo
The story of Ninquelótë
ar Maglos colë selleryallë or anorontë tier ondoarwë.
and Maglos carries his little sister over the steepest of the stony paths.
Sin quenta i vendëo Nimloth.
This is the story of the maiden Nimloth.
...yëo essë Ninquelótë lambes Noldoiva ná.
...whose name is Ninquelótë in the language of the Noldor.
Aurion neldë lendiemmë i astova ardas hilyainë orcoinen.
Three days we traveled in the dusty land, followed by orcs.
Cantëa aures me nampentë.
On the fourth day they caught us.
Ar leryanentë amndos cotumóva.
And they released us into the prison of the enemy.
Enta mando né rímas hísiéva nórëo.
That prison was at the border of the misty land.
Aurion tolto cennemmë eressië mornë rambai mandommo.
Eight days we saw only the dark walls of our jail.
Nertea aurës pólemmë mahta túré or orcoi i me tirner.
On the ninth day we were able to fight and gain a victory over the orcs who watched us.
Oantiemmë terë mornë sambí.
We went away through dark chambers.
Ar antumna sambes hirnemmë tié mandollo.
And in the deepest chamber we found a way out of the prison.
Mettas entullemmë i vilyanna enwina mindos.
At the end we came back to the sky at an old watchtower.
Ai meril hirë enta mindó, cena i orontinna.
If you wish to find that watchtower, look towards the mountains.
Altë tarmar atta ondova nat i tengwi i mindonna.
Two high pillars of stone are the signs towards the tower.