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Mettassë túla i cálë aurëo.
Finally the light of the day is coming.
I valarauco avánië.
The balrog has gone.
I eldaron neldë lelyear terë i cilya ar túlar palla naira sarna ardanna.
The three elves travel though the gorge and come to a wide, empty stony land.
Lumbor teltar aurë.
Clouds cover the sun.
Essë sina nórëo ná Dor Daedeloth lienyassë.
My people call this realm Dor Daedeloth.
Sina turmen tirna cotumonen ná.
This land is guarded by the enemy.
Merin hirë i runyar valarauco.
I wish to find the tracks of the balrog.
Aicavë tírala Hísiel lelyëa i nórenna astova ar sarna.
Sharply watching Hísiel marches into the dusty and stony land.
Apa anda lúmë híras i tië.
After a long time she finds the trail.
I valarauco mápienwa sellelya lendë Rómenna.
Having seized your sister, the balrog went towards the East.
Eldali hilyaner, nan ner mácinë úmië ealainen.
Some elves followed, but they were slain by evil spirits.
Manna Auriel mapaina?
Where has Auriel been brought to?
Ëa quenta mindono móliva cotumo harë oronti.
There is a tale about a tower of a servant of the enemy close to the mountains.
Enta menna lelyala cé hiruvalmë Auriel.
Going to that place, maybe we will find Auriel.