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i valarauco
the balrog
I eldar hostear sanwentar.
The elves gather their thoughts.
Man caruvalmë?
What shall we do?
Lá polilmë lelya terë i cilya.
We cannot go through the gorge.
Á lasta!
Quén túla!
Someone is coming!
Nárë ar mornië túlar et lómillo!
Fire and Darkness are coming out of the night!
Á auta lintavë!
Flee swiftly!
I eldar lelyear tyelcavë foina menenna mír rondo pitya.
The elves hasten into a hidden place in a small cave.
Ualmë polë mahta valarauco!
We cannot fight a balrog!
Uan Nolofinwë.
I am not Fingolfin.
Inyë lá polë mahta enta eala ú cáleo.
Even I cannot fight this being without light.
Nan avan auta!
But I will not flee!
Enta valarauco ua sinomë me hirien.
That balrog is not here to find us.
Sin sanwë anúmëa cotumo.
This is an evil plan of the enemy.
Nai autuva sina lómë.
May this night pass swiftly.