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in the gorge
Mornië alantië i orontinnar.
Darkness has fallen upon the mountains.
Hísiel céna i lóminna.
Hísiel is looking into the night.
Arya hilyatat terë i lómë.
It would be very well to follow them through the night.
Sina tië i cilyanna oronta ná.
This path into the gorge is steep.
Morniessë quénlantuva.
In darkness, someone will fall.
Ar cé orcor caitear foinavë.
And maybe the orcs lie hidden.
Aurë enta tuluva yassë uatyë rucë ilyë natillon.
That day shall come on which you do not fear all things any more.
I morniessë i orcor cenir mai epë elmë.
In darkness, the orcs can see better than we do.
Nann hiruvalmë tië tana isilmenen.
But we will find that path in moonlight.
Ar manen merityë mahta i orcor?
And how do you want to fight the orcs?
Á sana anasanië!
Think harder!
Hiritat saila, mahtatat alasaila.
To find them is wise, to fight them is not.
We shall hear them.
Mainen ar talinen lelyeantë lencavë i cilyanna.
Using hands and feet they climb slowly towards the gorge.
Hísiel ná minya tirien ar hlarien.
Hísiel is first to watch and to hear.
Mettassë entúlas.
Finally she is returning.
Ealar úmië i cilyassë nar.
Evil spirits are in the gorge.
Isilmë ua silë cilyanna.
The moonlight did not shine into the gorge.
Nan hlassenyet ómantainen.
But I heard them by their voices.
Sin ná anwavë tië umbarteva.
This is truly an evil road.
Tanen ualmë polë lelya.
In that way we cannot proceed.