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Hilyala auressë hísië caitëa nórenna.
On the next day, mist lies upon the land.
Hísiel cuivëa arinyavë.
Hísiel awakens early.
I orcor lelyear orontinnar.
The orcs are marching towards the mountains.
I ondolissë úvalmë hirë tienta.
On the rocks, we will not find their trail.
We will find them.
Roitan voronwa.
I hunt with endurance.
Nan rucin i nótello orcoron.
But I fear the number of the orcs.
Ava rucë.
Don't fear.
Hísiel ohtar antaura ná.
Hísiel is a mighty warrior.
Ar inyë ua alamaitë.
And even I am not without skills.
Mai equétietyë.
You have spoken well.
Haruvan estel.
I will have hope.
I eldar lelyear Formenna.
The elves march towards North.
Sinyessë mistë lantëa.
In the evening, a light rain is falling.
Mettassë túlar orontinnar.
In the end they come to the mountains.
Sinomë i orcoron tië vanwa ná.
Here the trail of the orcs is gone.
Uantë hiruva rimbë tier terë i oronti.
They will not find many paths through the mountains.
Etyë polë hirë te sinomë.
Even you can find them here.
Ohtacaruvalmë orconnar!
We will make war against the orcs!