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Númello utúliemmë.
We have come from the West.
I eldar hárar náressë ar quétar.
The elves sit around the fire and talk.
Orcor amápier nyë ar Auriel sellinya.
The orcs have seized me and Auriel, my sister.
Nótë orcoron avánië nórenna cotumo.
A number of orcs have departed into the land of the enemy.
We follow them.
Nan hautalmë lómissë.
But we rest at night.
Sí ava quetë sellelyo.
Now don't talk of your sister any more.
Mallo i Noldor utúlier?
Where did the Noldor come from?
Utúlieldë lúmessë aralta maurëo.
You have come at the time of our greatest need.
Núello utúliemmë, Valimarello.
From the west we have come, from Valinor.
Terë i Helcaraxë eléliemmë.
Through the grinding ice we have gone.
Rimbë Noldor ifírier.
Many Noldor have died.
Manen evérieldë Helcaraxë?
Why did you dare the grinding ice?
Liemmo aran amápië ciryammar ar usúsiet.
A king of our people has seized the ships and has burned them.
Avániessë liemma firien.
He left our people to die.
Sinomë marimmë liet.
Here we abide as two people.
Uammë utúlië mahtien i cotumo hya lyë varien.
We did not come to fight the enemy or to help you.
Nan ánieldë estel men.
But you have given hope to us.