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a fight
I orcor lelyear lintavë.
The orcs are marching swiftly.
I eldar atta hilyeat andavë.
The two elves follow for a long time.
Mentessë túlantë ambonnar taureva.
At the end they are coming to the wooded hills.
Cénantë i orcor hauta palan parna ambossë.
They see the orcs rest far away on a bare hilltop.
Hísiel antea ilyë pilinderyar Nenwen.
Hísiel gives all her arrows to Nenwë.
Hísiel lelyea muinavë nómenna orcoiva.
Hísiel is going secretly to the place of the orcs.
Tanomë hauteas.
There she is waiting.
Mettassë pilindi Nenwëo vílar taurello orcoin.
At the end, Nenwë's arrows fly from the forest to the orcs.
Hísiel cápa nómerya foinallo.
Hísiel is jumping from her hiding place.
Cénas i Sinda nútessen ar orcor cainen.
She sees the Sinda in bonds and ten orcs.
Túrassë macilerya analarca.
She is wielding her sword exceedingly swift.
Mácassë orcor atta.
She is slaying two orcs.
Nenwë hortëa rimbë pilindi nuhtien mahta orcor.
Nenwë is sending more arrows to prevent the orcs from fighting.
Hísiel ná ohtar anverya.
Hísiel is a very bold warrior.
Nan sercerya síra lintavë.
But her blood is flowing swiftly.
Nan i orcor uar veryë.
The orcs, however, are not bold.
Uar merë firë Sindan.
They do not wish to die for a Sinda.
Mentessë autear.
In the end, they flee.