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Massë i Sinda?
Where is the Sinda?
Hilyala auressë Hísiel ar Nenwë enlelyeat taurenna.
On the following day, Hísiel and Nenwë are again going to the forest.
Merinteë hirë i Sinda i cennentë.
They wish to find the Sinda whom they saw.
Nalvë i nómessë yassë né omentielva.
We are at the place where our meeting was.
Ar i lúmë yassë mernessë tulë.
And it is the hour in which he wanted to come.
Massë nas?
Where is he?
A lasta, lamma Rómessë!
Listen, a sound in the East!
Mahtalë ná.
It is a battle.
Lelyalvë alarcavë Rómenna yassë i mahtalë!
We go swiftly to the East where this fight is!
Túlantë nómenna yassë quén mahtanë.
They come to a place where someone fought.
Á cenë sercë talamessë!
Look, blood on the ground!
Rimbë orcor ner sinome.
Many orcs were here.
Rimbë orcor namper i Sinda.
Many orcs have taken the Sinda.
Hilyatat alasaila ná.
To follow them is unwise.
Ua alasaila.
It is not unwise.
I am pursuing!