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i nórë nu huinë
the land beneath a shadow
Serë caita nórenna.
Peace lies upon the land.
Nan i serë ua tanca.
But the peace is not firm.
I Noldor marir sintavëMithrimessë.
The Noldor live only for a short time at Lake Mithrim.
I alta ohta vanwa ná.
The great war has passed.
Nan orcor ranyar terë pallë ardar nórëo Noldoiva.
But orcs wander through wide regions of the land of the Noldor.
I cotumor uar pusta mahta i eldar.
The enemies do not stop to fight the elves.
Rimbavë eldali varyaxer.
Often Elves defend themselves.
Hísiel ar rimbë eldar nar ohtari.
Hísiel and many elves are warriors.
Merintë hirë ar mahta orcor mi taurë.
They wish to find and to fight orcs in the forest.
Varyantë i osto aranya.
And they protect the town and the king.
Hísiel melë turë i macil.
Hísiel likes to wield the sword.
Nan eldali turir ehti ar cúr.
But some elves wield spears and bows.
Hísiel ua linyenwa.
Hísiel is not old.
Uassë ista cuivëo Eldaron.
She does not know of the awakening of the Elves.
Ar uassë enyalë cala Alduon Valimáro.
And she does not remember the light of the trees of Valinor.
Samissë olori calloron.
She still has dreams of heroes.