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In the springtime, the most common type of ____ weather is rain, but, in wintertime, you are more likely to see snow.
It is very difficult to grow crops on the dry plateau called ____.
The gray clouds in the background make no difference; the ____ ship has no wind to move its sails.
The small audience leans in and listens to the sailor's ____ about his time at sea.
The zoo visitors gathered at the aviary to peer at ____ and peculiar birds from another country.
The soft and green rind of the ____ is cut to reveal a juicy, pink interior.
Alfred is Batman's ____ butler, who works long hours and keeps Batman's true identity a secret.
Two hundred years ago, a(n) ____ set sail from this harbor to fight a battle on the ocean.
The siblings watch with drooling mouths as the melted cheese begins to slowly ____ onto the nachos.
The car blow their horns as the geese ____ across the road, but the geese still take their time crossing.
In former times, it was believed that a(n) ____ was driven insane by the moon and had to wear a straitjacket to keep them from injuring themselves.
By looking at the food pyramid, we can easily see that water is a(n) ____ for the human body, but oil isn't essential to our diet.
You have extraordinary ____ if you can sit silently and watch an hourglass empty itself.
You have encountered a(n) ____ if you are traveling down a road that suddenly forks, but you don't know which road to take.
The man meant to ____ the woman by opening the bakery door for her.
The photo shows that the ____ president was barely controlling his anger at whoever he was speaking to on the phone.
The Christmas shoppers rudely ____ each other for televisions that they don't really need and can hardly afford.
After a(n) ____ prepares the corpse, she takes the body to the funeral in a black car called a hearse.
The detective forced the ____ to pull off his mask and reveal his true identity.
After hunting rabbits for hours, a dog will ______ and want to go home for a rest.
He took a(n) ____ of boxed food on his hike, and there was a box of food for each meal of the day.