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(Cloze Testing) "Tales from the Odyssey"

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It has always disappointed me that we only know of half of Bilbo's ___; in the book, we only read what happened to Bilbo on the way to the Lonely Mountain but read little about his return home.
Sisyphus was a Greek mythological character who had the ___ task of forever pushing a boulder up a hill to have it roll back down.
Sharks and other carnivorous fish can be considered ___ animals because they have no pity on their prey.
A(n) ___ person isn't exactly brave, but they do things without thinking, like buy items that they don't need or have the money for.
The child might think it's okay to ___ his clothes across the floor, but you can be sure that his mom will make him tidy up.
If your stomach is upset and causing you to ___, antacids are a medicine that's good for burping.
In the game called Jenga, the first people to ___ the tower of blocks is the loser.
If your friend is frightened or worried, you should ___ him that everything will be okay.
Dolly the cloned sheep can ___ loudly like a sheep born by the joining of a sperm and egg.
During all of the ___ and disorder, the police officer's boots caught on fire.
Wouldn't we be lucky if ___ people's noses grew as long as their lies?
In medieval times, musicians and poets called a ___ were one of the main sources of entertainment.
You can ___ your bottle of water at the refill station.
Internet bullies send hateful messages to ___ people they don't like, but you should know that most of what bullies say isn't true.
The sheet that a ghost is covered in is its burial ___, and sometimes they need to be washed.
A bully will ___ at and mock anyone they think is weaker than them.
When Odysseus returned to Ithaca, he had to ___ many of Penelope's suitors by defeating them in a game.