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(Cloze Testing) "The Time and Life of the Ant"

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The yellow jackets enter their nest located in a(n) _____ that they dug in the ground.
She's simply traveling for three days, so I don't understand why she brought so much _____, or needless, luggage.
On Valentine's Day, it is a tradition that children will _____, or swap, cards and candy with their classmates.
The get to the end of the course, the race participants must jump over a(n) _____ of burning fire.
The volunteers _____ the side of the river with sandbags, because a flood would destroy the river bank if it isn't made stronger.
When planting space on the ground is _____, or insufficient, you should try planting crops vertically.
Cows, like all hoofed animals, are _____, not solitary, so they live in herds.
Factories use warehouses for _____, where they can box and organize items.
The bank's customer said that the bank gave bad service, so he wanted to _____ all of his money to a new bank.
In places where automobiles and horses are scarce, donkeys are used to _____ goods and people from one place to another.