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(Cloze Testing) "Antarctic Journal"

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At London's Buckingham Palace, a guard always stands ______, or attentive, inside a booth.
The ______, or exhibition, in the shop window is full of costume wigs and jewelry.
The young, downy penguins ______ together to keep warm in the Antarctic cold.
If we want to measure things with exactly the same type of measurements, it is important to have a(n) ______, or model, for measuring, like a ruler.
The coal miner shows ______ as he slouches on the bench for a half hour break and dreads to think that he will have to work until late in the night, even though his body is tired.
The x-ray shows a(n) ______, or break, in the bones of the forearm.
He drools at the ______, or imagined image, of a hamburger.
It takes years of practice for a ballerina to smoothly dance with ______ movements.
Even though two scientists view the same thing, they can each ______ something different; Ptolemy believed the universe revolved around the earth, but Copernicus said the earth revolved around the sun.
If you don't hurry back to the cruise ship, there's a good possibility that the ship will ______ you alone on the desolate island.