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(Cloze Testing) "The Earth Dragon Awakes"

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A machine in the junkyard will _____ old cars so that their metal can be recycled.
The ______ of destroyed satellites orbited around the planet.
All of the woman's ______, or belongings, can fit into one corner of her studio apartment.
After the missiles landed on the city for several days, there was nothing left of the buildings but ______ and dust.
Grandpa made a bench by using a large ______ of stone and several smaller pieces of rock.
Each ______, or old apartment building, was connected to another across the street by lines of laundry.
A pile of ______ sits on the construction site, waiting to be used in the construction of the wooden house.
An earthquake will cause the earth to ______, which is called a tremor, and the tremors will be recorded by the machine.
Divers had searched for a nearly a decade for the ______ of the Titanic, but it was sunken so deeply that only a robot could reach the wrecked ship.