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(Cloze Testing) "Spring Training: A New Beginning"

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The County Fair is a(n) _____ festival celebrated in our town, every September.
Before learning how to write, a child must learn the _____ part of English, which is the alphabet.
Her father's favorite sports _____ was an unusual one, because most people don't enjoy watching cars racing around a track.
When you inhale, your chest becomes larger, but exhaling causes your ribs and chest to ______, or become smaller.
In old schoolhouses, a large bell would be rung to welcome students to school as well as to ______ them at the end of the day.
Please don't _____ the horse and forget to trim its hooves, or else they will grow to look like elf shoes.
He took a larger ____ of the pumpkin pie than anyone else did, because pumpkin pie is his favorite.
A company is not the ____ of a baby; a baby's parents are responsible for it.
Ms. Johnson was usually a strict and ____ teacher, but the birthday surprise her students gave her made her much more kind and gentle that day.
If someone is inside of a toilet, then the toilet is occupied, not ______.