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(Cloze Testing) VW: "Diary of a Rising Star"

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The biggest _____ boxing match of the 20th Century wasn't even a real one; in a comic book, Muhammad Ali beat Superman in the boxing ring.
Luke Skywalker didn't know how to use his powers until he listened to the ______, or advice, that Yoda gave him.
A "How To" diagram should ______ each step very clearly, not in a quick and confusing way.
After waiting all night for a mouse to prey on, the owl became _____ as the sun came up and flew back to its nest for some sleep.
Be sure to keep _____ items, like water and candles, for emergencies, like a power outage.
Taking care of someone you love who is very sick can be a _____ that can make you very tired at times.
Boy Scouts _____ to serve their country and be good citizens.
A(n) _____ apology doesn't make the person you are apologizing to feel bad.
The _____ of buffalo threatens to drown the zebras, who tried to cross the river first.
Do you think that a spicy chili would be a(n) ______ ingredient for ice cream?