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tower (over)
Until that wedding, I had never seen a bride so tall that she could ________ over her bridesmaids.
A frustrated farmer tries to pull his _________ donkey, in vain; it simply refuses to work.
Part of the Netherlands' and Belgium's ______ is barely noticeable in the street, especially since it's unguarded.
It is unsafe and cruel to _____, or transport, live pigs on the back of a motorcycle.
If you'd like to use the restroom during class time, you should raise your hand to ask for ____.
After trying to give up smoking for two months, the man felt ______, or hopeless, that he would ever be able to entirely quit.
The _____ soldier sits in front of his friend's tombstone, regretting that he didn't get to see his friend one last time.
Next summer, we'll take a one month _____ through the United States to visit all of the famous sites and monuments of the country.
The young violinist is about to begin her ____ to a public that has never heard her play before, so we should wish her luck.