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(Cloze Testing) "The Power of W.O.W.!"

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You might assume that all people who are sent to prison are guilty of a crime, but, in fact, some are ______.
These days, it is less common for people to ______ that sasquatches exist, because most of the evidence for Bigfoot's existence isn't very reliable.
In the lineup of six people, only one _____ is the actual criminal.
The clever and wily coyote has developed a _____, or secret plan, for capturing its prey.
It is often speculated that this crime most often occurs at night, but, in fact, _____ often occurs during the daytime, when people aren't at home.
They _____ had to admit that buying such a small car wasn't a good idea, because there wasn't enough room to load all of their belongings.
If you see someone having trouble crossing the street, surely it wouldn't cause you much trouble to ____ them.
Genies will grant a wish but not a _____, because they aren't being kind. Genies have no choice but to follow three of your commands.
The color of the Mona Lisa had become much darker, _____ to some very costly and time-consuming color restoration.
Don't look at the small iceberg and _____ it as harmless. It is actually much larger beneath the water's surface.