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go about with
keep company with (British)
go ahead
go in front
go back on
break a promise, agreement, etc.
go down with
become ill (British)
go for
1) attack (British) 2) apply for
go in for
enter a competition (British)
go off
1) explode 2) (about food) go bad, get too old to eat
go out
1) be extinguished 2) mix socially
go over
1) examine the details (of a report, etc.) 2) repeat (British)
go round
be enough for everyone to share (American: go around)
hold back
1) hesitate 2) control 3) keep a secret
hold on
hold out
1) endure 2) last/continue for a duration of time
hold up
1) delay 2) rob (somebody or something)