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Verbs with Dative

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-(y)a mecbur
it is needed
-(y)a faks çekmek
to send a fax to
-(y)a mecburiyetinde kalmak
to be obliged to, to have to
-(y)a alışamadım
I cannot get used to it
yet, still
henüz değil
not yet
regulation, rule
kurallara uymak
to obey the rules
gasburner, barbecue
-(y)a yakışmak
to suit
-(y)a iyi gelmek
to do good; to fit, to suit
-(y)a bayılmak
to faint; to adore
-(y)a başlamak
to begin
-(y)a göstermek
to show
-(y)a karar vermek
to decide
(bir şeyi yapmaya) üşenmek
to not have the energy or desire to do something
biz buna çalışıyoruz
we are working for that
-(y)a ilgi duymak
to have an interest in
-(y)a alışmak
to get used to
-(y)a huzur vermek
to give calmness
-(y)a hazır
to be ready to
buna gerek yok
that is not needed