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de pronto
suddenly, all of a sudden
a pesar de
in spite of, despite
deber +inf
to ought to ___
se puso a llover
It started to rain (poner)
se puso a llorar
She started to cry
alcanzar a +inf
to manage to ___
comenzar a +inf
to begin to ___ (c)
empezar a +inf
to begin to ___ (e)
volver a +inf
to do ___ again
venir a +inf
to come to ___
puedo pasar
can I come in/can I go in
dejar de +inf
to stop/give up ___
pensar de +inf
to think about ___
terminar de +inf
to quit/to stop ___ (t..)
tratar de +inf
to try to ___
poder +inf
to be able to ___
ayudar a +inf
to help to ____
para +inf
in order to ___
acabar de +inf
to have just ___
saber +inf
to know how to ___
aprender a +inf
to learn to ___
se hace tarde
It is getting late