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BONUS - Reflexive verb conjugations

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me voy
I go away/leave
te vas
you go away/leave
se va
he goes away/leaves
nos vamos
we go away/leave
se van
they go away/leave
me acuesto
I go to bed
te acuestas
you go to bed
nos acostamos
we go to bed
me despierto
I wake up
te despiertas
you wake up
nos despertamos
we wake up
me desvisto
I undress myself
te desvistes
you (informal) undress yourself
se desviste
He undresses
nos desvestimos
we undress
se desvisten
they undress
me duermo
I fall asleep
te duermes
you fall asleep
nos dormimos
we fall asleep
me siento
I sit down (sentar)
te sientas
You sit down
nos sentamos
we seat ourselves
me siento
I feel (physically; emotionally)
te sientes
You feel (physically; emotionally)
nos sentimos
We feel (physically; emotionally)
me visto
I get dressed
te vistes
you get dressed
nos vestimos
we get dressed
ponerse a hacer algo
to start doing something
me puse a trabajar
I put myself to work (past tense)