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confine (v.):
(usually passive) to force someone to stay in a place and prevent them from leaving
found (v.):
to start something such as an organization, company, or city
conserve (v.):
to protect something and try to prevent it from changing or being damaged
dignity (n.):
the ability to behave in a way that shows you respect yourself and stay calm, even in a very difficult situation
pace up and down (v.):
to walk up and down in a small area many times, especially because you are feeling nervous or angry
endanger (v.):
to put someone or something in a dangerous situation where they can be hurt, damaged, or destroyed
data base (n.):
a large amount of data stored in a computer system so that you can find and use it easily
extinct (adj.):
no longer exist
instinct (n.):
a natural tendency or ability to behave or react in a particular way without having to learn it or think about it.
adapt (v.):
to gradually change your behavior and attitudes so that you get used to a new situation and can deal with it successfully