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Empire of Alexander the Great reaches into India: the first example of a long-term and often violent interrelationship between Europe and Asia.
Hannibal is defeated by Rome: the victory is essential to secure the survival and expansion of Roman civilisation.
Founding of the Roman Empire: this is the start of the classic period of Roman domination in Europe and the Mediterranean.
Birth of Jesus Christ, founder of the many branches of Christianity. The exact date is disputed.
First use of modern paper: this replaced stone, slate, papyrus and vellum as a cheap and convenient medium.
Unification of China under the Western Chin dynasty creates the political shape of modern China.
Roman Emperor Constantine converts to Christianity: this made it possible for Christianity to spread across Europe.
Fall of the Roman Empire in the West ends eight hundred years of Roman hegemony. The creation of modern Europe begins.
Birth of Muhammad, founder of one of the world’s great religions.
Printing invented in China: an essential step in mass communication/ administration/cultural dissemination.